Where have all the comments gone?

This is a guest post from Jen, who blogs at The Mad House, and helps run the MAD Blog Awards and Tots100:
There has been lots of discussion among bloggers about a reduced number of comments on blogs lately, which has got me thinking.
Are we getting less comments than we used to?
I am getting fewer comments [...]

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Humans Suck (sometimes)

If you were hanging around Twitter or any number of internet message boards yesterday you may have seen a link to this – a book review site that published a review of a self-published novel.
The review was a little critical, although the reviewer tried hard to find positive things to say. The author, clearly very [...]

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What have I learned from blogging?

I have seen a few of those ‘social media changed my life’ posts doing the rounds lately. I’m just about to hit the 7th anniversary of starting my first blog, and I’ve been wondering how blogging has changed my life. Mostly, I’d say it means I sleep less.
Rather than changing my life, I think blogging [...]

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Newsflash: I am not a journalist!

This is a guest post contributed by Hayley, who blogs at Simply Hayley:
I’m a blogger.
I run a blog called Simply Hayley, which is probably what you’d call a ‘Mummy blog’. I am very friendly to PRs and I really enjoy working with agencies on campaigns, posts and events.
But I’m not a journalist. And a [...]

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So you want to be a video blogger?

This is a guest post contributed by Pippa, who writes a fantastic blog called A Mother’s Ramblings – Pippa was winner of the Best Family Fun Blog at the 2010 MAD Blog Awards, and is a regular video blogger. We asked her for her top tips about creating memorable, and entertaining video blog posts:

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Blog Disclosure: some practical options

Since the OFT ruling requiring bloggers, blogging communities and content networks to clearly disclose when they have been paid for writing a post,  there has been lots of chatter about how exactly bloggers in the UK should tackle the issue of disclosure.
If you don’t accept any kind of payment in return for posting, then it’s [...]

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What is a strong password?

Back in my magazine editing days, I once needed a file on a colleague’s computer – but he wasn’t there. So I guessed his password. It was his daughter’s name.
One of my friends used to hack into her cheating boyfriend’s email to get the proof he was having an affair – his password was his [...]

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A Simple Set of SEO Tips for Bloggers

It’s About the SEO, Stupid.

When we set up blogs, it’s because we have something to say. But more than that, I think it’s because we want to be heard. “Listen to me,” we shout into cyberspace, “My opinions are worth your time.”
Some blogs spend a lot of energy shouting about their blogs on [...]

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Shedding light and what’s white anyway?

This is a guest post contributed by blogger and photographer Nikkii Hall, who has agreed to share some of her photography expertise with the rest of us. In this post, she explains how you can take great photos even during the winter, when natural light is in short supply:

It’s horrible out isn’t it? Taking [...]

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5 Steps to Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Step 1: Create a Unique Voice
The first stage in increasing visitors to your blog is deciding what your blog is. If you’re a parent blogger, there are a thousand other parent blogs out there – why should I read yours?
That sound intimidating but the best advice I can give is to make your blog YOURS. [...]

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